Window Replacement FAQs

There are many questions to be answered when it comes to Replacing the Windows and Doors in your home. Please find the questions and answers below helpful! If you have additional questions, please send them to Info@WindowReplacement.Directory
  • What is the Price or Cost of Window Replacement?

The price or cost to replace your windows all depends on many factors. Generally speaking, you can determine the price of full window replacement by taking the average price of one window opening and multiplying it by the number of windows in your home that need replacing. There is a large gap in replacement window pricing that can range from low end Vinyl Windows at $350 each to high end Wood Windows at $3000 per opening. Keep in mind that these prices depend on the Brand of Window, Style of Window, Size of Window, Installation Included or Not Included, Warranty, Specialty Options such as Triple Pane or High Efficiency Sun Glass, Discounts and More. Each project can vary greatly, but many companies have done projects similar in scope and size to the one you are considering. Pricing your window project should start with research and continue with selecting a few companies to give you a Free Estimate of your project. Once you have decided on s particular style and quality of windows, you should select companies that fall within that range. An important factor when choosing a company to do your project, will be making sure that their pricing includes everything from start to finish including installation and warranty. Many people see that a window can cost as little as $250 per opening, but do not realize that this is a base price for a standard medium sized vinyl window that does not include any special options and many times omits the extra cost for installation. Always do your homework and do not be afraid to call around and set up a few free estimates. Many times, there may also be a neighbor nearby that has recently received a quote or even completed a project similar to your own! Many times, when doing this level of home improvement work, it is more than just the window replacement price that will make a difference. Be sure to evaluate all factors and ask questions about the installation and continued warranty and/or service work that comes with the purchase of new replacement windows and doors!